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Below are Tips and Advice for Staging and Preparing for the Day of the Photo-shoot.


Chances selling your home sooner than competition

Pro Staging of vacant homes
professional photography
Pro cleaning Inside + windows
Improving curb appeal + landscaping
All of the above plus professional photography

Preparing For Photography and Showings

“Staging” could be described as the opposite of “decorating”.  Decorating and Interior Design are all about personalizing a space…staging a home for sale is all about de-personalizing the space to allow the potential buyer to imagine it for themselves. If you are able think of your house as a commodity, this will make it easier to remove those personal photographs and objects.


  • Remove trash cans, gardening tools, etc from sight
  • Stow children’s and pet’s toys
  • Coil hoses
  • Open patio umbrellas and set out cushions
  • Uncover bbqs, pools, spas
  • Dogs in dog run or garage

Lighting Tips: 

    • Replace any burned out bulbs.
    • Consider replacing kitchen fluorescent bulbs with newer generation, white-light, daylight bulbs.
    • Make sure all lamps are in working condition
    • More interior lighting adds to the ambiance of the home


  • Clean well
  • De-clutter
  • Remove/Replace/Repaint anything that is too “taste-specific”
  • Valuables and Medications out of sight or locked up
  • Open window coverings (unless they are concealing a less than desirable view) or remove them entirely; rooms are larger when the eye can extend out to the view
  • Turn on all lights; fans off
  • Toilet lids down
  • Remove most, if not all personal photographs (especially large portraits over fireplaces or in the main living areas; replace those with neutral art.)
  • Conceal garbage containers
  • Remove everything from the fridge (pictures, kids art, magnets, etc.)
  • Keep floor coverings to the essentials
  • Clear the bathroom countertops.  Leave only a few decorative items or a floral or plant arrangement.  Put out best towels
  • Empty the shower of shampoos, etc
  • Clear Kitchen countertops.  Leave a maximum of one appliance per countertop area. Countertop microwaves should be hidden from sight
  • Remove all signs of pets (bowls, rugs, pillows, etc)
  • Remove any table coverings
  • De-clutter fireplace mantel

Special thanks to Susanne Hayek for providing these tips.    www.susannehayekphotography.com